Irises in Monet's Garden (The Artist's Garden at Giverny) by Claude Monet

Irises in Monet's Garden

(The Artist's Garden at Giverny)


Information about painting

Title: Irises in Monet's Garden
Year: 1900
Alternate Title: The Artist's Garden at Giverny
Type: oil on canvas
Location: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

Comments (13)

this picture is really nice and is as you said breathtaking
Posted by JOE on 02. 06 2014. at 11:03
assignment question on irises in monets garden
need to know when Monet started and finished the painting...can you help?
Posted by Gen French on 01. 02 2012. at 17:18
it is as it seems
I have this oil reproduction. It is a beautiful piece in my reading room.
Posted by G on 01. 03 2011. at 13:49
cool pic!!
it is a amazing picture and looks nearly real!! if he was still alive id tell him to make the pic more clear (outline)
Posted by michael quinn on 20. 01 2011. at 11:58
This breath taking painting by that of Monet captures your inner imagination and literally makes the audience want to be lying on that bed of swee smelling lilies. Bravo Monet!
Posted by Chinaberry on 23. 02 2009. at 17:27
I love monet
I love monet, because i am a faggot..but i also love his art with his colors andthe others things that LIVE in his pictures... LOVE AND KISSES FROM ITALY..i want to buy it
Posted by Maggi Andrea on 07. 12 2008. at 13:52
ya, its hot.
Posted by Shaniqua on 23. 10 2008. at 20:02
Yo Dude!
wow! its great!
Posted by Jarel on 23. 10 2008. at 19:59
me gusta mucho las obra de monet y trabajo con niños de tres años
Posted by on 16. 10 2008. at 12:13
i think is is amazing and really inspiring i am amazed by its beuty
Posted by on 09. 09 2008. at 07:27
beautiful - I thought the only paintings I would like were the renaissance paintings, but this has proven me wrong. I love it.
Posted by Lillian on 22. 08 2008. at 03:38
The colors used in this masterpiece are breath taking.
Posted by on 08. 07 2008. at 16:18
This painting is so beautiful for words. Gardens are my alltime favorite kind of paintingd
Posted by Baylee on 27. 04 2008. at 20:46

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